What's Bootstrap?

  • front-end toolkit from Twitter that helps quickly
    boost your site design and functionality;
  • set of CSS and HTML conventions for typography,
    forms, buttons, tables, grids, and more;
  • includes JavaScript libraries to complement
    the Bootstrap CSS.

Nerd alert: Bootstrap is built with Less, a flexible
pre-processor that offers more power than
regular CSS (nested declarations, variables,
mixins, operations, and color functions).

Native Bootstrap Functionality

The following features will be of immense help to come up with the exact layout you want.

Base CSS

Special Add-ons from TemplateMonster

When you have the verve to incorporate unique widgets and add-ons - boy what a statement you can make with TemplateMonster's Bootstrap
themes! They're really dense...

CSS3 Tricks

Latest Bootstrap Website Templates

See recent designs that work hella well to get you the most inviting Bootstrap website - fully responsive and with unique add-ons.

Try Bootstrap Template Free Today

This sample of Bootstrap template is free to try out so you have nothing to lose, except an opportunity.


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