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Premium SVG Icons Vector Packs to Download

SVG Icons use has skyrocketed in recent years. Since they can be understood worldwide, they are the first choice for highlighting the benefits, features, and ideas related to products, services, or solely concepts.

As icons are available in different formats, people ask which ones they should use and which ones are most suitable for specific purposes.

For example, SVG is the most appropriate format for web pages. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, and it is, as its name suggests, a highly scalable format that differs from the others by its ability to maintain its visual resolution at any scale. In other words, you can resize the icon up or down with no quality loss.

Thus, this type of format provides the best quality and flexibility, making it an ideal addition to any business, portfolio, or personal website. Plus, SVG icons can improve the user experience. For example, because they are lightweight files, you can keep your website loading fast, which is one of the things that users appreciate most.

To create perfectly functioning and visually engaging SVG icons, however, you need to have some expertise. It becomes especially challenging when using some professional software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator).

Hence, many people prefer buying readymade icons rather than creating their own. By purchasing ready-to-use icons, you will be able to save both money and time.

SVG icons at TemplateMonster

At TemplateMonster marketplace, you'll find many SVG icon sets to download. Each icon set presents representations of different objects, actions, or ideas but with the same style. This way, you'll maintain a consistent design throughout your content.

Experts designed all the icons you'll encounter throughout the website. Thus, you'll receive highly functional and high-quality digital products.

Moreover, all icons are ready-to-use, but you can also edit and customize them. You can change their colors, shapes, or overall design using some online editing tools or professional software.

SVG icon topics

SVG icons are representations of different objects, actions, or ideas related to different topics. The following are some of the most common topic categories:

  • medical;
  • sports;
  • food and restaurants;
  • people;
  • nature;
  • weather;
  • science;
  • city;
  • game;
  • shopping;
  • transport.

How to edit SVG icons

As previously mentioned, you can easily edit the color, shape, or design of the icons using some online tools or more professional software. The following are some of the most commonly used:

What are SVG icons used for?

Because of their adaptability, you can place icons almost everywhere, both on digital and print products. The following are some of the most common icon placements:

Features and advantages of SVG icons

Several characteristics make SVG icons the preferred choice over other formats. Some of them are related to their appearance, while others are related to their technical capabilities. You can find a few of the most relevant below.

Practical characteristics

Pixel-perfect scaling

The dominant characteristic of icons is their scalability. You can scale them up or down without sacrificing quality. Thus, you'll be able to easily adjust them to the dimensions of the other elements on your site.


Most of the icons, even the readymade ones, can be customized. This means you can edit them according to your personal preferences or brand identity. In this way, you'll make your content tidy and professional.

High resolution

If designed by experts with professional software, icons benefit from a high resolution and definition. They will keep the transparency of their style even when resized or reshaped.

Visual advantages


Icons have high symbolic potential. Those who view them will be able to receive a message visually, without the need for any other information. As a result, they can replace lines and lines of text and speed up the information delivery process.

Globally recognized

Icons are recognized worldwide. People from other countries or who speak a different language from yours can understand the meanings of icons. The result is that your content will be accessible to a broader audience without the need to translate it into multiple languages.


Icons can create an eye-catching look and add a touch of class to your content. Adding icons to your content in contrast to content composed of just words will make it more appealing and likely to capture your users' attention.

Benefits of using SVG icons on your website

When it comes to websites, SVG is known as the best format. Among the different types of formats, it is the best choice because of the features and advantages it brings.


Because SVG icons are easily resizable and maintain their resolution, they are highly adaptable to a wide range of sizes. In this way, you can ensure icons are proportionate to the other elements on your website.

Faster loading time

SVG icons are lightweight files. This means they won't load your document or website. When adding icons to a site, this advantage is particularly valuable. They won't degrade its performance or slow it down. And you have probably already realized the importance of having a fast-loading website today for search engines and users.

Brand consistency

The fact that SVG icons can be easily edited will allow you to maintain brand consistency across your content. This will make it appear more professional and polished.

Icons can be animated

Because CSS allows you to edit SVG icons, you can also use it to add animations. Since icons keep their original resolution, adding animations will not negatively affect their appearance.

Furthermore, animations make your website more engaging and will enhance the user's experience.

Best practices for using SVG icons on websites

Even though SVG icons are easy to implement, you should pay attention to a few details for better usability before doing so. The following tips will help you guarantee a better user experience and generate the desired results regarding readers, traffic, and leads.

Avoid conflicting meanings

If you have to think about the icon's meaning for more than 5 seconds, you should not select that graphic. The fact that there may be misunderstandings about it could lead to confusion and uncertainty in users' minds. This is why you should opt for icons that can instantly communicate their meaning.

Add text label

Even though most icons can convey their meanings directly, adding text labels is considered best practice. Using this method, users will be able to comprehend what is being presented fully. The text label should be short. Consider adding no more than two or three words.

Choose simple designs

Choose an icon design that is not too complex or intricate. These are not good to see nor easy to understand. Rather, opt for a design that is clearly defined with a simple and clear composition.

Do not use the same icon for different meanings

An icon should be singularly used to represent a benefit, feature, action, object, or idea. You shouldn't use the same icon to represent different concepts on the same website to rephrase it. This could confuse users and cause them to leave.

Don't use them excessively

Although icons can represent various concepts or objects on a website, using them in excess is not a good idea. An overuse will make your content look cluttered and unprofessional. If you use icons, make sure you use them to highlight and emphasize the most important concepts.

Use icons to break walls of text

People don't enjoy reading walls of text anymore. They're boring and not able to capture attention. In this case, you can use icons as breaks among lines of text. In this way, you'll make the text easier to read and the layout more aesthetically pleasing. As a result, users are more likely to go through your text and explore your website or document more deeply.

SVG icons FAQ

What are SVG icons?

SVG is an extensible markup language (XLM)-based vector graphic format for the web and other environments.

What is the best file format for logos?

SVG is the best file format for logos. Because of its scalability, you'll be able to resize your logo according to your necessities or preferences.

How do I make the SVG background transparent?

A professional vector graphics editor like Inkscape will allow you to make your SVG icons' backgrounds transparent.

How do I change SVG to PNG?

If you want to convert your icons from SVG to PNG, you can use one of the following most popular online converters:

  • CloudConvert;
  • Convertio;
  • EZGif.

What programs can open SVG icons?

There are several programs you can use to open SVG files. Here are some popular options:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CorelDRAW
  • Corel PaintShop Pro
  • Microsoft Visio
  • CADSoftTools ABViewer

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