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In order to provide educational institutions with reliable and fast website developers from TemplateMonster.com created a Bradstone Collage HTML Template. It will be a reliable tool for providing both students and teachers with information. In addition, it is a good tool for advertising your school or College. In order to make your website easy responsive we built-in social options. Moreover, if you want to provide users with additional information you can always use blog feature for it. Bradstone College has a bright and eye-catchy design. It has many visual effects and graphics. You can use them to decorate your website and make it unique. It has many more features and you can learn more about them via website demo.

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Yung-gou YUEN

Easy to understand and easy to use. Graphically, it looks attractive and modern. Less modification efforts needed than originally expected.

Patricia Blassingame

Looks are wonderful however, it is complicated! So many bells and whistles I don't need on each page and I'm having to work to remove tags to make a sub-page template for the site. Still, love the design and it's just what I need for this responsive website I'm building. I want to check out other templates by this author as well.

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