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Paul Adams is a professionally crafted responsive Writer Website Template designed with writers, journalists and professional bloggers in mind. It boasts a selection of in-built marketing-oriented tools such as a full-featured landing page and a book showcase with prices. Since this template is intended for wordsmiths, it will come as no surprise that it includes a well-optimized blog section with integrated newsletter subscription forms and social sharing buttons. At your disposal there is a broad choice of UI components of any kind: buttons, tables, tabs, accordions and progress bars. Each element is available in several variations, allowing you to quickly adjust the design of your website to your needs.

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This is a Bootstrap Education News website template

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Bootstrap is a collection of tools with an open source code. It is suitable for making websites and web applications with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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This Writer website design template is Responsive

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Responsive design is a technique of web design that lets pages to adjust to a screen resolution of any sort of device - whether it's a personal computer, a tablet or a mobile phone.

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Whatever kind of device your potential customers could use to enter the site - they will certainly see a radiant picture which has a effortless navigation menu. It becomes an especially fundamental feature, taking into account that virtually all web users now choose their mobiles for web surfing.

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This is a Bootstrap 4 Personal Development Coach website design template

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Andreas Dvorak

The template corresponds exactly to my expectations. Very professional. Thanks for that.

Gina Conkle

My opinion of the website? Excellent. It's a versatile, clever design. I love it! My experience with Template Monster in getting the promised WordPress conversion was a bumpy road. Interestingly, my first review, I gave the website 1 star (see why below) Template Monster didn't post it (they said "it doesn't meet our guidelines") which is problematic because they were the negative part of the equation. See my original review: My opinion of the product? It'd be nice to have it, but I don't. Template Monster promised I'd have a Wordpress conversion in 4-5 days. That didn't happen. No one contacted me about the delay. I had to log in and find out out the new delivery date was 9 days. I was okay with that delay, but then the 9th day came and still no product. I logged on, contacted live help (twice!), but no answer. My order then changed to "Job is in production, waiting for management." I contacted customer care and got a "ticket" but that's it. Since I don't have the product or service I purchased in a timely manner, plus poor communication/poor service, this all equals a 1 star review.---end of original review. Here's the last part to know: Once Template Monster finally got working on my website, the result was amazing!! The person who managed the transition for me did a fantastic job. Because of that web expert/liaison, my 1 start changed to a 4 (would've been a 5 if Template Monster had timely communication).

Sunil Chaudhary

This ultimate template for Authors, we have used it and it is wonderful responsive and SEO

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