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Online business presentation should be substantial but still give the visitors the air to breeze, just like this one. A blurred background image looks very solid, similar to the rest of the layout. It creates an optical illusion that the main menu and company logo are soaring above the page. The benefits the company's clients can get out of this partnership are placed in four columns. The rest of the content is beautifully styled, so it is interesting and easy to read it. Green elements suggest trust and are pleasant for the eyes. You can hardly find more suitable template for your business company, so use your chance and try this one.

This is Business Services Bureau WordPress template with Portfolio

What is it?

A portfolio could be the must-have instrument of your company that would like to set up an expert brand name. This can be a showcase of work, services or products that are sorted in the visually stunning way.

Why is it Good?

Portfolio is the ideal option to to get artistic using the specifics of you and your personal business and simply attract your future valued clients.

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This is Business Services Company Wordpress design template with Cherry Framework

What is it?

This is a free open-source WP toolkit which allows web developers to generate layouts more quickly and more correctly.

Why is it Good?

Due to its modular structure, the framework is an excellent match for developers as well as unskilled users. It can make the process of website building intuitive and effortless.

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This PR Manager WordPress template is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

Search engine friendly is a WordPress theme that helps to successfully crawl and index the website.

Why is it Good?

Using it, you are able to attract lots of targeted visitors to the site from search engines.

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This is a Bootstrap Small Business WordPress design

What is it?

Bootstrap is a free of charge grid-based framework that enables the creation of mobile-ready websites.

Why is it Good?

Applying such type of framework tremendously enhances the process of building website pages. Ordinary designs are super easy to modify, which supplies an adaptable and easy method for developing web page styles.

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This Public Affairs Wordpress design template is WPML ready

What is it?

If you know or expect that your potential audience speaks numerous different languages (possibly they are really from various countries around the world or they're linguists), you will need your web site being designed in a couple of spoken languages. WPML extension adds a multilingual switcher to the website, allowing the client to immediately get a new page's language.

Why is it Good?

WPML is a feature which allows to make your website multilingual.

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This PR Company WP theme is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design means that the web page adjusts its size and shape in order to suit almost any screen, from the tiniest handsets to the widest Personal computer screens. For every single gadget, website page components enlarge or shrink to seem perfect.

Why is it Good?

Responsive design may help your business site look equally great on screen of any specific desktop or handheld device.

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9 reviews for this product

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the design pool

The client picked this theme because they liked the cleaness and simplicity of the theme and it really matched their brand identity. So it wasn't a struggle to modify the theme to suit them. It is based on the CherryFramework 3.1.5 which we always prefer over the 4.x because it is much simpler to use for our clients. After the initial install we were able to turn this clients site around in no time.

Vasily P.

What I really like in this template is the animation and fantastic icons which make this theme so extraordinary and peculiar. For me, being a financier, it is quite complicated to work with all the IT stuff, however, the technical support of Template Monster explains, frankly, everything, People in the support center are very friendly and communicative. I was asked by my employer to build a website for our company and I am sure that he is trully satisfied with the result. (link cky10.ru) The only 1 big problem I noticed in this template is the mobile optimization, some strings are becomming hidden in iPhone view, but, in general, this Theme is great! Thank you, TemplateMonster!


Thank you for your feedback. Some elements may be hidden in the mobile version for speed increasing. If your mobile has the same view as on demo, than everything is ok. In case there are some things missing, please visit our live chat - http://chat.template-help.com/ and our specialists will be glad to assist you!

Eric Z.

I found this template easy to modify, with a lot of space to present the message I want to deliver in a very clear way.

Stephen R.

very effective theme especialy for my accountant friend who was looking for a responsive, professional yet friendly theme for his new website. We codensed 3 of his websites into 1 visually pleasing yet performance driven website. The level of SEO as ever with wordpress was great meaning we can still achieve the results my friend needs. An aesthetically pleaseing and professional responsive business style theme!!! perfect

Tarek A.

Not only I found a great and wonderful WordPress template with very nice and rich User Interface, also, the agent helped me to sing-up for BlueHost.com hosting service, and took me step by step until I completed the purchase. On top of all that, I get 50% discount on the template list price! I can't be more lucky. You are wonderful! Tarek

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Cherry Framework Version

WordPress Engine


Requirements for software and hosting

  • Adobe Photoshop CC+

    Adobe Photoshop CC+

  • ZIP unarchiver

    ZIP unarchiver

  • Apache Server

    Apache Server

  • WordPress 3.9.x

    WordPress 3.9.x

  • MySQL 5.0+

  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

    The mod_rewrite Apache module

  • PHP 5.3+

    PHP 5.3+

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