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Drag and Drop Layout Editor

Reposition and rearrange your website and page elements just by dragging them around. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Intuitive Content Editor

Edit texts and images in the easiest way ever – just by double clicking on them. Even a kid can make a ready website with MotoCMS within a couple of hours!

Multiple Slider and Gallery Options

Web is visual – it’s the latest trend. Visual options inside MotoCMS will help you look great. And yes – all sliders and galleries are also editable from the admin panel!

Mobile Version Builder

Build and activate a mobile version of your website – quickly and easily. The Mobile Builder inside MotoCMS is a perfect tool for this!

Widgets and Modules

You no longer need to write a single line of code to add functionality to your website. Contact forms, Google maps, video embed etc – it’s all waiting for you!

In-Depth SEO Options

All of your website contents will be available for search engines to crawl. Make your website look pretty for search and fine-tune every little bit of your content!

Flash CMS Templates

What are Flash CMS Templates?

Flash CMS templates are professional websites with a user-friendly control panel powered by MotoCMS. The advanced drag-n-drop website builder integrated into each template contains a huge collection of effective widgets and tools. You can easily change website elements, create new pages and menus, add image or video galleries, create custom forms, sell products with the ‘buy now’ button, create a mobile version for your website, and much more.

Who are Flash CMS Templates for?

Flash CMS Templates powered by MotoCMS will fit everyone who would like to have a beautiful and highly functional website and to edit it in a few mouse clicks. No special skills required!

Why are Flash CMS Templates so special?

The templates are offered along with MotoCMS control panel which allows you to edit your website content intuitively, just on the fly. No additional software required!

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Web Design Flash CMS Template #45660
Web Design Flash CMS Template #45660

Reviewer: Luis Mireles

I needed a design that was easy, quick and professional. This particular template served my needs in terms of both functionality and design. Have been using Template Monster for a while now for my web design needs, and the fresh designs added and the ease of each keep me coming back! If you're like me and want to customize some of your templates, don't settle for less than 100% GPL. Most templates are quick and easy like this one.

Pet Sitting Flash CMS Template #42908
Pet Sitting Flash CMS Template #42908

Reviewer: Devna Arora

I had been looking for a nice, simple and happy template to upgrade my current website for over a year. It is a small info site and I wanted something cute and affordable that I could edit myself. I was a little apprehensive since this is a new platform for me (and I only have limited knowledge of editing websites), but the template is very easy to modify and allows you to modify just about every element of it. Super happy with it. Thank you Template Monster and Moto CMS!

Movie Flash CMS Template #41394
Movie Flash CMS Template #41394

Reviewer: Roman V.

Hello! I want to Express my gratitude to the team templatemonster (but after purchase, I had to leave and only now I can do it), for full and filled with tips helps (the answers to my questions) when I select my desired template. I already bought 4 of flash motoCMS template. In the beginning yourself. Did (or rather finish) the website (this is my first, i.e., fm absolute zero) and now my sister and her friends wanted site too. And since I've already figured out with the settings they asked me to make them sites. Flash motoCMS I liked the fact that everything is in the box of the monitor screen, and effects with pop-UPS and animations are very harmonious and pleasant, fitted widgets allow you to change the appearance of the site. Moreover, my website for insurance, I chose from the topic of landscape design, i.e., for any nature, for any theme, you can find many options of templates. I'm planning to buy the template for the blog, for photo work and video editing for their videos. Maybe then I will experiment with the other templates, but judging by the reviews of my friends (even already having the sites on different engines) interest in flash Moto CMS is not lost. I even pondered the question of additional business, and if site-builds does not work, then I have already received from TemplateMonster offer by the affiliate program, which is currently being studied. Ie you can't just spend money on any product, but to earn them. my (not finished) website Best regards, Roman Vityazev St.Petersburg +79219141602

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MotoCMS and Template Monster

Each of our Flash CMS Templates is integrated with a handy admin panel developed by MotoCMS. When you purchase this product you obtain a license for using the MotoCMS admin panel and our design with it.

We knew that MotoCMS would make a perfect backend platform for Template Monster’s premium designs the first time we laid eyes on it. At the same time, our designs are simply perfect for such a feature-rich Flash CMS system. All of the Flash CMS designs you see were produced exclusively for MotoCMS.

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