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Test Name June 20, 2017
I bought this template when it first came out and the client still loves it. Most of the images that came with... Read more
Doyle Bentley June 17, 2017
Overall the template service provided by Templatemonster is superb. This is a great template, very easy to work... Read more
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Fishing club is a photo-oriented theme designed for bringing your business online. Whether it is a fishing or any other sport club, event agency, business company, architecture firm, this design will nicely work for presenting it in the best way possible. Large hero area, content blocks with cool images, featured areas - the design is centered around retina-ready photos showing your company. You can be sure that this responsive layout will present all the content correctly, no matter what browser and screen size the visitors will choose. Cherry framework, which is taken as a basis of this theme, will facilitate the customization process, so you'll be able to modify it without extra effort.

This template is a part of our 15+ Best Parallax WordPress Themes top list.

This Fishing Accessories WP template is WPML ready

What is it?

WPML ready means WordPress themes and templates with foreign languages options.

Why is it Good?

WPML ready templates are those that can be translated and used in several foreign languages.

Latest WPML ready WordPress design themes here

This is Sport WordPress template with Portfolio

What is it?

Portfolio is a variety of work examples, proof of the experience and abilities. It shows your competence in the field you work in.

Why is it Good?

Entertainers, designers, and service providers should have a portfolio functionality to showcase their works and appeal to new clients.

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This is Fishing Accessories WordPress theme with MotoPress Slider

What is it?

Eye-catching pictures allure the readers of a web page. MotoPress Slider presents your pics in the absolute best manner and also enables you to make the web page more interesting. Easily changing images with some subject material concentrates visitor's attention on the greatest offers of the web page.

Why is it Good?

MotoPress Slider lets you placing slideshows and animations to your website, not to mention editing elements comfortably thanks to the user-friendly interface. It's a good way to exhibit merchandise and catch the attention of prospective buyers.

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This is Fishing Store WP template with Background video

What is it?

Background videos are quick and easily portable video clips that can be utilized in the background parts of internet websites with the intent to catch the internet users' attention along with stimulate them for much better inspection of your content.

Why is it Good?

Background movies engage the viewers with your internet site's info, and so delivering a far more fun browsing practice. Using a background on-line video, one can display your message in a far more thorough manner.

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This is Sport Equipment WordPress template with Parallax

What is it?

Parallax is a CSS animation effect that enables background images shift slower than the foreground content. It is one of the most sophisticated trends in the modern website design.

Why is it Good?

Parallax is visually beautiful and attracts users' sight to the illustrations and content modules.

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This Travel WordPress design theme is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

The Search Engine Friendly website allows any searcher to get every page of the website, define the information and index all of them in the database.

Why is it Good?

The Search Engine Friendly design template is certainly a fantastic standard platform to get started on selling and boosting search rates of the web site. It actually is less difficult to deal with this sort of web site for Website seo specialist simply because part of the work is already completed.

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This Sport WP template is Retina Ready

What is it?

Retina screens are called so simply because they have this kind of resolution that the people eye doesn't acknowledge independent pixels within it. As a result, the retina-ready design was made for this type of displays and this means that your current site could look fantastic on a Retina screen.

Why is it Good?

Utilizing retina ready themes your web business will undoubtedly be shown flawlessly even on display screens with the finest definition.

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This Fishing Store WordPress theme is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design renders a website page very same nicely on any existing display screen size.

Why is it Good?

Considering the expanding fascination with mobile phones, the quantity of persons who log on to the internet sites from devices has expanded significantly. This sort of feature allows you to change websites to cellular devices and various screen extensions, finally offering cellphone consumers with better opportunities.

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This is Outdoorssports WP template with MotoPress Editor

What is it?

MotoPress Editor is a visual drag-n-drop plugin specifically created for WordPress. You may use it while dealing with articles, pages, and custom publications.

Why is it Good?

MotoPress Editor allows you to build custom patterns to the WP content and pages. It's not hard to use and personalize equally for ordinary WP web owners and qualified developers.

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This is a Outdoors& Travel WordPress design theme

What is it?

Bootstrap is a free grid-based framework that allows the creation of responsive websites.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap is incredibly flexible for any customization. It's simple to work with, contains a excellent grid system and vast elements variety.

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Fishing Club WordPress Theme FAQ

Are there any limitations on selling the Fishing and Hunting WordPress template as the integral part of my new product?

No, there are no limitations on our side. The Fishing and Hunting WordPress template as the integral part of new products is the property of the company that developed it, thus the company gains the full rights to distribute the product based on the company policy and terms of use.

What is the difference between the Exclusive and the Buyout licenses of WP templates for Live Scores Website?

The Exclusive license removes a Sports WP theme from our inventory as the only copy sold. It is applicable only to new templates which haven't been sold once yet. The Buyout license removes a template as the last copy to be purchased.

What will I see instead of the images after installation of the WP theme for Outdoors Sports and Travels?

After WP theme for Outdoors Sports and Travels installation you will see blurred images included for demo purposes only.

Can I resell the Outdoors& Travel WordPress design as is?

No, you cannot resell the Outdoors& Travel WordPress design as is.

How can I extract files of WP template for Sport?

Each of the [keywords] you download from our site comes in a Zip format. This one archive file contains all of the files it took to create the WP template for Sport as well as different folders. You'll need to use archive software to extract the files, e.g. open-source or license software like

I like the image from the WordPress design for Sport Magazine and would like to use it for my advertising campaign, can you send me this image in a higher resolution?

No, we can't provide image in higher size or resolution rather than it is on the WordPress design for Sport Magazine . We recommend looking for professional images on online photo resources.

Can I use the Fishing and Hunting WordPress template for several domains if the site/project is the same?

Yes, but you'll need to buy a developer's license which grants a non-exclusive permission to use the Fishing and Hunting WordPress template on up to 5 domains. Alternatively, you can purchase an Exclusive or a BuyOut license (when you are the sole buyer or the last buyer of a particular design respectively). Contact us for details on the Exclusive/BuyOut Price using our Pre-Sales Support Department.

Do I need to be a coder to modify the content of the WordPress template for Live Scores Website?

Most of our WordPress design themes for Sport Kit can be managed via the user-friendly admin panel, although you can contact our Pre-Sales Team to get more details on specific template prior to purchasing. Keep in mind that our products have detailed instructions about template installation and customization process. Additionally, you can also visit our Help center and view video tutorials available.

Will I be able to set up PayPal or other payments with your WP templates for Travel?

Yes, for the most part, but it really depends on the type of WP theme for Sport Journal. Paypal offers many different methods to create an online checkout option for you, for example, images with direct text links to your Paypal item or service.

Does the WordPress design for Sport Page come with instructions for editing?

Yes, we offer you a variety of sources to help you get familiar with your WordPress design for Sport Page , including installation and editing instructions. Many articles and tutorials on editing templates can be found at our Online Help Center. Besides, you can always refer to our partners from to install or customize your WordPress design for Sport Page for an additional fee.

Can I resell the Fishing Accessories WP themes I bought the extended license for?

No, you cannot resell the Fishing Accessories WP themes as is. You can only sell them as the integral part of your new product.

Are images included in the WP templates for Fishing Accessories released under GPLv3.0 license?

In the WP templates for Fishing Accessories released under GNU GPL v3.0 images are not included and are used for demo purposes only.

Сan I edit the Sport Gear WP template with hosting building tools?

Our Sport Gear WordPress design themes are not designed to work with 3rd party applications. You can certainly modify your template or use its sections, but it really depends on your knowledge and skills of working with website templates.

Can I get the extended license for some other pricing than the half of the initial WP template for Sport Blog price?

No. The price for purchasing license for a single WP template for Sport Blog is the half of the template unique price.

Can I translate your WordPress theme for Sports News Website?

Of course! Our WordPress design themes for Sport Kit are provided mostly with Lorem Ipsum texts.

I paid "regular + Installation" price. When will I get my WP template for Sports Store installed?

Thank you for choosing our products and services! Your WP template for Sports Store installation is normally scheduled for completion within 72 hours of purchase. The amount of time it takes depends on the product selected, as well as on the time lapse between our staff's correspondence to you and your replies, i.e. the time it takes to gather user names / passwords as we'll need this information to start your project.

Can I use my own hosting provider with Outdoorssports WordPress theme?

In most of cases you can. It just depends on what type of web hosting account you are currently using from your hosting provider as some are limited. Each of the Sport Teams WordPress themes has the hosting requirements listed, so you'll want to check with your hosting provider to ensure the requirements are met within your current hosting account.

CMS engine and WP theme for Fishing Store, what's the difference?

The following article is going to explain the difference between CMS engine and WP theme for Fishing Store.

A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content as well as maintenance from a central interface. They allow editing and publishing website content from a central interface like a web browser. The most common CMS engines are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

CMSs are often used to run websites containing blogs, news, and shopping. Many corporate and marketing websites use CMSs. CMSs typically aim to avoid the need for hand coding but may support it for specific elements or entire pages.

A CMS may serve as a central repository containing documents, movies, pictures, phone numbers, scientific data. CMSs can be used for storing, controlling, revising, semantically enriching and publishing documentation.

A website template is a pre-designed webpage, or set of webpages, that anyone can modify with their own content and images to setup a website. Website templates allow anyone to setup a website without having to hire a professional web developer or designer, although many developers do use website templates to create sites for their clients. This allows anyone to set up a reasonably priced personal or business website that will be listed in search engines when users search for your product or service. The source files of these templates are always in the PSD format which belongs to the Adobe Photoshop software.

A template controls the overall look and the layout of a site. It brings together common elements, modules and components as well as providing the cascading style sheet for the site.

We can make the conclusion, that templates are developed to make web designer's life easier. Engines are for programmers.

We are designers' company and develop templates for different CMS. That is why we provide full support only for the themes we created.

In case you have some issues with your CMS engine functionality or you want to change/broaden your dashboard functionality, the best way is to join your CMS community. Open-source applications provide the wide range of support forums, blogs, knowledge-base. Feel free to share your issues and solutions with the users of the same engine.

How many applications, programs etc can I use to integrate with the Outdoorssports WordPress templates under one extended license?

The extended license gives you the right to use the purchased Outdoorssports WordPress templates for the integration with one software/freeware/application/CMS/sitebuilder only. In case you would like to use the template with the other application, the other license is to be acquired.

Are there any discounts if I'm buying over 10, 20, 30 or more WordPress theme for Sports News Website?

Please email to with your inquiries about WP themes for Sports News .

Can I put a line at the bottom ( or any other spot) of the customized WP template for Fishing Supplies "Website design by Company name"?

No, you cannot place a line at the bottom ( or any other spot) of the customized WP template for Fishing Supplies saying "Website design by Company name". Nevertheless, you can place "Customized by Company name".

Can I use the WP template for Sport for several sub domains?

Yes, you can install the WP template for Sport on one domain and its sub-domains. Please review this help topic for a more detailed answer with examples.

Do your WordPress design themes for Fishing Club support RTL?

Our templates do not universally support RTL. Please create a Ticket so we can advise if the Sport Teams WordPress design you selected will work for you. If not, we'll be happy to assist you in finding one that will suit your needs.

In what cases I don't need the extended license for Fishing Store WordPress templates?

In case you would like to customize our Fishing Store WordPress templates for your customers, you don't need any license since your customer will be the final owner of the template files. The only thing you should keep in mind is when you start on the projects based on the same template, you have to purchase this template over again for every project it is used for. If you would like to display templates on your website to show them to your customers, please join our affiliate program at

Whу do I need the "required software" in Sports WordPress templates?

CMS websites have admin control panels that do not require special software to add pages, images, etc. However, if you want to edit images or alter the site layout, we indicate what software was used to design your WP theme for Sportsmen and recommend that you utilize it as well.

Are there any restrictions for using imagery, cliparts and fonts from the WordPress template for Live Scores Website I purchased?

All imagery, clipart and fonts used in WordPress template for Live Scores Website are royalty-free, if not stated otherwise on the product page, and are the integral part of our products. One Time Usage License and Developers License give you the right to use images, clipart and fonts only as a part of the website you build using your template. You can use imagery, clipart and fonts to develop one project only. Any kind of separate usage or distribution is strictly prohibited.

Can I install the WordPress design theme for Sports myself?

This really depends on your level of experience with the product. You will be able to find instructions on editing your WordPress design theme for Sports in the template's documentation file, in our Online Help Center, or by asking an operator in our live chat. You can also contact us via our Ticket System specifying your order information and all the relevant hosting details for us to take a look and give you advice on the installation.

If you prefer not to spend time installing your WordPress design theme for Sports, our customization partner TemplateTuning can perform the installation for you. To get a free quote on the service, please submit a Pre-sales ticket.

Can I get the WordPress design theme for Sports in higher resolution to use for printing?

No, we design Fishing Store WordPress templates optimized for web resolution only.

Is there a way I can view your Fishing Accessories WP themes in action? Can you provide the links to your Customers' sites based on your templates?

If the WP template for Sport has a demo, you'll see a banner allowing you to see its live installation. However, we're not able to provide links to our clients' websites/projects due to our privacy policy.

Can I use graphics from WordPress design for Sport Teams I purchased for use in printing?

Yes, it's not prohibited to use the WordPress design for Sport Teams graphics for printed material, but the resolution of the templates graphics ( except for logo templates) is not enough for printing.

What is a buyout purchase license for Sports WordPress template?

If you purchase the product at a ‘Buyout price' it guarantees that you are the last person to buy this template from us. It means that this Sports WordPress template may have been sold before a couple of times (see ‘Downloads' number in item's properties) but only you and people who bought the template before you will own it. After this kind of purchase the template is being permanently removed from our sales directory and is never available to other customers again. The buyout purchase license allows you to develop the unlimited number of projects based on this template, but the template should be customized differently for every project.

Can I integrate the WP template for Sports Reports with third-party software or applications for development of my new products?

No, you cannot get the developers license for development of WP template for Sports Reports or other products.

Can I resell Outdoorssports WordPress templates I bought the developers license for?

You cannot resell the customized WordPress template for Fishing as a template, but you may sell it as a project to your client.

Can all the images of WordPress design themes for Fishing Supplies be modified in Photoshop? Are the layers flattened and locked?

The images of WordPress design themes for Fishing Supplies can be modified, the layers are not flattened or locked.

What is a one time usage license for a Fish Hunting WP theme?

When you buy the Fish Hunting WP theme at usual price you automatically get the one time usage license. It enables you to use each individual product on a single website only, belonging to either you or your client. You have to purchase the same template again if you plan to use the same design in connection with another or other projects. When passing files to your client please delete the template files from your computer.

Will the Sport Journal WordPress design be deleted from TemplateMonster database?

No, the Sport Journal WordPress design will not be deleted from TemplateMonster database.

Are there any other charges besides the Sport Equipment WordPress theme price?

You may opt to purchase additional options, such as Sport Equipment WordPress theme installation, web hosting, etc. Once the purchase is complete, there are no other charges to your account. If you decide to order customization later, it will come as a separate order.

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Cherry Framework Version: 4.0
WordPress Compatibility: 4.2.x-4.9.x
WordPress Engine: 4.4.x
Additional Features: Advanced Theme Options, Sliced PSD, Calendar, Commenting System, Crossbrowser Compatibility, Custom Page Templates, Dropdown Menu, Favicon, Google map, Google Web Fonts, Sample content, Social Options, Sortable Gallery, Tabs, Tag Cloud, Tooltips, Drag and Drop Content, MegaMenu, Facebook Like Box
Additional Info: Well Documented
Animation: HTML plus JS, Parallax, Background video
Bootstrap Version: 3.3.x
Coding: CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, Sass
Features: Admin Panel, Bootstrap, Cherry Framework 4, Ecwid Ready, Monstroid, MotoPress Editor, MotoPress Slider, Responsive, Retina Ready, Search Engine Friendly, WPML ready
Functionality: Blog, Portfolio
Gallery Script: Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, Slider
Installation: Installation and set up instructions are attached (look for Documentation folder).
Media: Audio Player, Video Integration
Web Forms: Contact Form
Width: 2050px
WordPress Custom Post Types: Our Team, Portfolio, Services, Testimonials
WordPress Page Templates: Archives, Default Page, FAQ, Filter Pholio Page, Full Width Page, Home Page, Team Page, Testimonials
Sources Available
PSD PHP This theme is widgetized.
Hosting Requirements
  • MySQL 5.0+
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module
  • PHP 5.3+
Software Required
  • Adobe Photoshop CC+
  • ZIP unarchiver
  • Apache Server
  • WordPress 4.2.x
24/7 Free Support

Your questions will be handled promptly by our support team.

Stock Photos Included

You get 7-15 hi-res stock photos & images for free life-time usage.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You will be completely happy with our products and services.


Latest Update
  • - 3 minor HTML issues fixed
  • - 2 CSS bugs fixed
  • - 2 minor front-end bugs fixed
  • - 1 PSD layer updated
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