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TVChannel belongs with the top styled news blogs built with Elementor drag-n-drop page builder and bestselling Jet plugins for it. It has all the necessary pages and is fully stuffed with beautiful blog posts layouts, that can boast with a clean modern design. Here you'll find layouts for news content that will help you showcase your latest publications in the most advantageous ways. If you're looking to start your news blog with WordPress, TVChannel will help you do it regardless of your level of experience. It can be easily installed and all the demo content can be customized and easily replaced by your own.


Update (July 24, 2019):

  • - Elementor page builder instead of Power Builder;
  • - A bundle of Jet Plugins;
  • - FIX: minor bugs.

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这是我买的第二个模板,怪兽的模板网站选择实在太多,挑选用了非常多时间。第一个网站是为公司买的,咖啡色的色调,简单且小资情调。 可惜后来公司改版放弃了那个模板。 这个新闻文章类的色调不错,黑红是很好的搭配。 比如IBM笔记本的黑色配上小红点,那就是很经典的设计。 不过这个首面的动画效果显得不够严肃,这是一点点欠缺。 另外页面不够简洁,加载速度不够快,可能需要做一点优化比较好,可能是css 和js文件链接有点多,暂时还不知道怎么优化它。 我是一个在设计方面追求完美的人,也就很想多动手去修改,去研究它。 我想用它来做我的博客,传播我的思想,分享我的生活,让朋友更多了解我,我想这个模板肯定是够的。现在问题是如何填满我的网站内容了。 安装这个模板中间有一点小小的曲折,涉及到的可能是一两个插件的问题,还好在怪兽客服的帮助下顺利解决了。 另外我想说的是,网站支付购买很方便,但是对中文用户的客服支持仍然是不够的,似乎是网站工作人员对中文熟悉的人不多,中文有十几亿人在用,应该受到重视。 中文客户现在也许只是一小部分,就可能将来会接受模板产品呢。主要还是习惯问题。 总之这是一个很好的购买体验。
Nice template, works fine with embed youtube video. Wasy to use.
Приобрел данный шаблон для очередного проекта. Когда случайно наткнулся на данный сайт в поисках подходящего шаблона, был приятно удивлен огромному количеству различных премиум шаблонов по разным тематикам. Без проблем нашел тот, который подходил для реализации моего проекта, а щас, успев поработать с приобретенным шаблоном могу сказать только одно, ШАБЛОН ОГОНЬ как в плане дизайна, так и в плане обширного функционала! Приду вскоре еще за одним!
Pretty reasonable and flexible template. It was actually easier than the WordPress ones to manipulate and change for my purposes.
Once again, I was able to download this theme and set it up for my client in no time. We still need to customise it, but dont think it should be a problem, as weve been using template monsters wordpress themes for a while now. Were hoping this theme will work properly to help our client set up an online sports streaming website with content hosted on youtube and advertising via the website portal itself.
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I have 2 questions 1. How can you make the mosaic newsitems on the homepage (Politic, Science, Politics, Society, Sport an world)? 2. How can you insert the page Our Team on a wordpress page?
Question 1: We use a tag to filter items that we want to appear in the mosaic. Everything goes up there based on when it's posted -- newest things first -- but we filter that using a tag (it can be anything you like, but we use "topbox") that we assign to each news item we want to appear there. Here's the code with our tag. [posts_list type="post" numb="6" thumbs="normal" thumb_width="513" thumb_height="361" post_content="excerpt" order_by="date" order="DESC" link="yes" tags="no" custom_class="list_1" tag="topbox"] I'm not sure about question two because we haven't used that option.
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