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Floating action buttons Plugin Wp

If you look at most sites today, you will definitely see that the site is very user-friendly and uniquely designed. It is possible that side extensions are used or beautifully designed with a personal design.

The Floating Action Button plugin, which we will discuss below, is a simple but very useful and attractive plugin that you should and must have on your site (we may say to ourselves why my template itself has this button and that beauty, but you should "Everything and everything has its place. The plugin that has been published on the site today is a very important plugin that forces your customers and your users to stay on the site."

Floating Action Button plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to enhance your WordPress website usability with beautiful floating action buttons. Click the main button to see the sub-user in the settings. This plugin can make the site interface user-friendly and user-centric. This plugin is a quick and easy way to increase the engagement and conversion of your website visitors by adding one or more customizable buttons in the corner of your website.

Friends who have difficulty installing and building the button, if necessary, request through the ticket to set it up for free.

The plugin has a help file and will guide you to the last step and create buttons.

In a few minutes, create the various floating buttons you need and make your site more attractive to the public.

Floating Action Button plugin has the ability to:

On which page should the buttons be displayed (how should they be displayed ((Is it horizontal or vertical, can it be opened by clicking or touching?))

It has the ability to show itself in 4 positions of your site.

Ability to customize with coding, the ability to change and add a variety of icons and links

Ability to customize existing background colors and icons

Some unique features of the Hover Button Plugin:

Vertical, horizontal and sticky buttons

Different positions: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right

Display menu depending on the user (for all users, only for logged in users, not for logged in users only).

Show menu on specific pages.

Custom CSS

Built-in social sharing links

Stylish sharing buttons

Share all your web pages on all your social networks

Not limited to the number of menus and list items

Show the Float buttons on the page load or page load

View output tooltips for all navigation items

No coding required

Fast download

No problems and bugs

More than 1500 ready icons

Easily change the color, toolbar and link option for each button.

Free one-year updates and support


1. WordPress 4.7 or higher

2. PHP 5.6 or higher (sync with your host backup)


Installation Method:

Load the "FLOating Function Buttons" plugin in the / wp-content / plugins / directory

Activate the plugin through the "Plugins" menu in WordPress

To configure the plugin, go to the hover buttons Add your favorite buttons

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