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If you want your company be noticeable on the web, then you should go for this Hosting Provider WordPress theme. Featuring bright colorful accents opposed to decent background, it looks appealing. Content blocks are separated with full width background images. The template is fully responsive and comes with an array of theme options. Every element of this design can be adjusted to fit your business. For fast and easy theme customization, on download you'll get detailed documentation, multiple theme options, Google web fonts, valid HTML5 and CSS3 code, and more.

This Computers & Internet Company WordPress template is WPML ready

What is it?

WPML is a WordPress plugin. It supports making a multilingual websites.

Why is it Good?

WPML-ready WordPress web templates provide you with the freedom to translate pages and posts, tag words, different categories, and so on in a range of various languages. As a result your website content easier to understand for worldwide consumers.

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This is a Bootstrap Computers Wordpress design template

What is it?

Bootstrap is an open-source framework for building website pages.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap scales any of your websites from smartphones to desktops employing the same codebase. It makes the web developing process faster and easier.

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This is Computers & Internet Company WordPress theme with Portfolio

What is it?

This is a feature which allows highlighting your works in a distinct area. A creative program, created to reveal the entire experience of a professional, to show his talents.

Why is it Good?

Carefully-structured portfolio may lead to sales increase. In addition, it may bring in more prospective customers to your company.

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This is Internet WP template with Cherry Framework

What is it?

Cherry Framework 4 is an open-source WordPress framework in which all necessary features are included in plugins.

Why is it Good?

What is important is that all the functionality is built-into plugins accessible with the framework. Therefore the user shouldn't type a code to implement any change. It is enough to turn on or turn off the plugin to activate or deactivate the function you want.

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This Computers & Internet Company WP theme is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

Search Engine Optimized templates were intended to attract potential customers and google search bots to your website page.

Why is it Good?

Via a SEO-friendly digital product, you end up with the basis to develop a visible web page which will be easy-to-find via the usual keyword phrases search. In addition to that, you may make your web site rank higher in search engine results, hence making it much more likely that consumers will explore it.

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This is a Parallax Computers WordPress theme

What is it?

Parallax is a CSS animation effect that allows background images move slower than the foreground ones. It is one of the most advanced tendencies in the modern web design.

Why is it Good?

A website with parallax scrolling always attracts the attention of a user and boosts company's reputation due to the captivating design.

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This Computers & Internet Company WP template is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design is a technique of web design that lets pages to adjust to a display size of just about any device - be it a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Why is it Good?

Responsive design will help your business site appear equally cool on screen of any existing personal computer or portable device.

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This is Computers & Internet Company WP theme with Background video

What is it?

Background video is a feature that allows using videos as backgrounds in the header of a website.

Why is it Good?

Background video will help to set up a lovely and more competent looking web property.

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This is Computers & Internet Store WordPress theme with On-line chat functionality

What is it?

Online chat refers to any type of communication that comes up over the Net within the real-time.

Why is it Good?

On-line Chat is an ideal option for business websites. It lets supporting hesitating shoppers and encouraging them to make their final decision. On-line Chat makes your project look more trustworthy and delivers more clients to your company.

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Fatih Becerik

very good template. easy import of sample data and setup was easy

Patrik Čakurda

Im looking for template with WPML ready WordPress and i found this. This template is very pretty, good looking and responsive. I use it on webpage for my project and Im so happy to use this template. I really like lazyload effect and parallax efect use on my pages and this template looks very good with this effects. Im so satisfied with this WordPress template and I recommend this template for all.

Fred Drouven

Everything about this theme is awesome. It is constantly updated, and the documentation is very thorough and easy to follow. I recommend it to anyone.

Ricardo Laggemann

This theme we use for a web site development company, as the theme is very close to our client's goal, it was easy to carry out the implementation. We work with the client to reach a final result that pleases our client, but also conveys the idea that the advertising agency has passed us. The installation took place in a quiet way, we had no setbacks at this stage. Unfortunately we will not be able to pass a previous link because the site is in its final phase, part of correction and adaptation of some texts and images. Above all we would like to thank Template Monsters again, because whenever you need support they are ready to help us.

Ricardo S.

Me gusto por el estilo gráfico, me gusta que sea responsive y que permita construir un home dinámico visualmente. Soy un diseñador partícular que con los template me facilita mucho elaborar sitios a mis clientes. Actualmente el que recien compre lo modificare para que en vez de cigarros sea una web de quesos reconocidos en mi país. Muchas gracias por todo!!

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