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This product has met mammoths.
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Enjoy how easy you can create headers and footers with your own logo, nav menu and hamburger menu, WooCommerce cart, login forms and other unbelievable content adding more powerful features to the existing functionality.

JetBlocks allows creating headers and footers on a professional level without ever needing to acquire coding skills. It also adds Sticky Header functionality, providing the ability to create sticky headers and make regular sections sticky when needed.

3 reviews for this product

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John Spears

I own a single site license of Elementor Pro. I didn't want to shell out another $45 on another project and decided to go with Jet Blocks. To my surprise it has many of the features that the Pro Version of Elementor offers. It also has some features that Elementor Pro version does not have. I could by 3 licenses at the price of $45 for three projects vs paying $45 for the pro version of Elementor! Huge savings!

Solutions Anna Konsewicz-Zawadzka

Wtyczka bardzo przydatna. Można nareszcie zorganizować tak nagłówek by wyglądał tak jak chcemy. Dobrze rozwiązane ustawienie zależności pomiędzy grafiką z logo a tekstem będącym nazwą strony. Brakuje tylko możliwości decydowania czy i gdzie ma być ikonka wyszukiwania. Możliwe taż jest że po prostu nie odkryłem jeszcze tej opcji. :). Ogólnie bardzo polecam.

Проценко Станислав Вячесла

Отличный плагин. Готовые шапки и элементы. Пользуюсь давно и без проблем.

This product has met mammoths.
Please have a look at the new ones.

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