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JetParallax is a plugin specially developed for Elementor page builder. This addon allows to create eye-catching pages by applying parallax effect to backgrounds of different sections. The plugin creates multi-layered parallax with a variety of behavior triggers, speed, animation effects and custom positioning.


Created for Elementor

JetParallax was specially developed for Elementor page editor to enhance it with parallax functionality, applicable to the section’s background. Plugin’s easy to use settings and its rich variety of options doesn’t require coding knowledge and allow to create outstanding parallax effects easily.

Immense Parallax Layers Usage

Discover creating limitless layers with dazzling parallax effects using plugin’s rich functionality. Apply engaging animation properties, enrich it with behavior triggers and positioning, and enjoy the 3D effect on your page.

Animation Speed

Let your parallax effect move up to your wish with flexible animation speed options! Choose whether your objects will move faster or slower, when parallax effect is on. Build your own appearance with 3D depth.

Mouse Move and Scroll Behavior Type

Apply behavior trigger to layers according to your vision. Select between two behavior types, and see how objects move either when mouse moves or the page is scrolled up and down.

Custom Position Settings

Place the objects on reference of axes either X, Y or Z and choose the most suitable place for them on your page to showcase parallax effect more spectacular way.

Parallax Background Rich Functionality

The plugin is equipped with everything needed to create eye-catching parallax effect on multiple layers, with absolutely customizable effects, triggers and settings.

Competent 24/7 Support

Professional support team is ready to answer all your questions and help to resolve any issue 24/7! Helpful and reliable, we are here to make it easy to create engaging content and entire website.

Detailed Documentation

A step-by-step installation instruction, detailed information about JetParallax settings, and even more information is in one unified documentation. We’ve taken care of providing all necessary and useful information, so everyone could use the plugin effortlessly!

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Lawrence Vasseur

A must-have tot building a geest website. Alle of the jet plugins are.


É um plugin maravilhoso que pode impactar muitos usuários que acessarem o seu site

Michael Sieger

Perfektes Händling gerade im täglichen Arbeiten und Programmieren mit Wordpress kann man empfehlen

Алексей Теняков

купил данный плагин и очень доволен покупкой )) всем советую данный продукт покупайте он стоит своих денег )) bought this plugin and very happy with the purchase )) I advise everyone to buy this product it is worth the money )) developers well done разработчики молодцы

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