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This template offers a variety of effective solutions for business, corporate, maintenance sites and stuff like that. It features a clean and minimalist layout that ensures users focus on the offered content. Full-screen sliders in the header and content sections complete the entire design and give the page a personal touch. You can change the given flooring materials WP theme in accordance with your preferences or adapt it to any other business project. Anyway, it won't take you much time as thanks to Cherry Framework and Bootstrap toolkit you can have all the changes done in no time.

This is a Parallax Design Blog WP template

What is it?

Parallax scrolling is a front-end visual technique that involves images shifting more slowly as opposed to the background content to make a "multidimensional" illusion.

Why is it Good?

A website with parallax scrolling always grabs the interest of an audience and increases brand popularity as a result of captivating design.

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This Interior & Furniture Company Wordpress design template is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

Search Engine Optimized web themes were specially designed to attract internet users and web engine crawlers to your web property.

Why is it Good?

By means of a SEO-friendly themes, you end up with the base to build a visible web project which will be easy-to-find using the standard keyword phrases search. And additionally, you may make your web business achieve greater rankings in search results, thereby making it more likely that people will visit your website.

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This is Home & Family Blog WP template with MotoPress Editor

What is it?

MotoPress Editor is a Wordpress editor that enables to develop websites by dragging and dropping components.

Why is it Good?

With MotoPress Editor, non-tech users and pro programmers alike can develop excellent sites.

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This is Photography News WP template with Portfolio

What is it?

The portfolio is a kind of an album, demonstrating examples of your work. For an interior designer that might be pictures of places he designed, for web-developer, it can be a listing of web pages he created. The portfolio is a business presentation of your expertise.

Why is it Good?

It may serve as a self-sufficient strategy of marketing. Any web site visitor is able to see your works and projects. You are able to attract potential customers and function without intermediaries - clients on their own should come to you.

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This is Design Blog WP template with MotoPress Slider

What is it?

MotoPress Slider is a WordPress slider plugin that supports videos and animated layers.

Why is it Good?

MotoPress Slider lets you create attractive slideshows, seamless transitions, effects, and animations, put textual content, illustrations, or video clips into slides and animate each layer separately.

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This is a Bootstrap Design News WordPress design theme

What is it?

Bootstrap is a cost-free grid-based framework that allows the development of mobile-ready websites.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap scales any of your websites from mobile phones to desktops using the same codebase. It makes the web developing process faster and easier.

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This Furniture Wordpress design template is Retina Ready

What is it?

Retina Ready is a type of screen that shows more pixels per square inch.

Why is it Good?

Apple devices were 1st to get Retina display screens, yet now their opponents use that technology too. Numerous touch screen phones and tablets get Retina display screens, in case you would like your web-site to appear great for virtually every user - you need a Retina-ready theme.

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This Interior & Furniture WordPress design theme is Responsive

What is it?

This is actually the ability of the layout to change based on the width of the screen.

Why is it Good?

Regardless of what type of device your visitors are going to use to enter the homepage - they can see a vivid graphic which has a easy navigation menu. It becomes an especially key feature, taking into consideration that the vast majority of potential customers nowadays prefer their mobile phones for web surfing.

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molto interattivo, manca qualche modulo in più. assistenza sempre immediata per installazione
with php 7.0 i need cherry framework 4, but i got a really great support. thank you!
Wonderful theme. I was able to edit everything easily and it was the way I wanted it to be. I recommend everyone
I have to say, support is always there and very responsive, great job, but I purchased this, because I wanted to have a Webpage, fast and easy .. and neither ofthis items, have been the case.
This was developed for one of my customers as I am a full-time professional website designer and I picked this Wordpress theme for someone who does therapy for families and children. I have been working with it for several weeks now and thus far it is a good template but I had some minor issues with it. I was able to work around these issues and so there was no need to reach out to TemplateMonster support for any kind of help. My main issue was that the area provided for the placeholder logo was very short and the clients logo was more square so it threw off the header and look when added. This was not something I really considered when we selected this template but I altered the logo a bit and now it looks good. I still think that the Cherry Framework is a little too intrusive for some of the customization required most notably the customized/edited main-style.css file keeps getting overwritten when I update the Cherry Options in the WP admin area. As usual I made significant changes to the colors of the theme from the pink to a blue and turquoise color scheme. Besides that I changed the header on every page so the logo and navigation buttons do not sit on an image but instead a solid color so everything was easier to read. Besides the issues mentioned above the look and feel is exactly what me and the client wanted. So I would give this template theme a good rating and if you have a short logo and like the look then this is the WP theme for you.

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